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 Clear your mind

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PostSubject: Clear your mind   Thu Dec 11, 2008 1:57 pm

It is my understanding that your brain is the big filter in your life.

Because you associate some trauma with every experience you get, you tend to get weary of creating the joy part of that same experience. In this way you prevent the energy that creates the joy to come through because you fear the painful stuff you had around the joyful experience.

People are never as in love as they were the first time before the pain and seperation. After that they don't allow so much love to flow again because they fear the pain that happened afterwards the previous times. That is one example.

People with lots of money and power make gianormous mistakes and thus we fear too much money. The time you had it all you were unhappy about something else and you now associate the unhappiness with the all that you had and yet it has nothing to do with it.

Now when you allow again and you say."I want this experience with all the husks and all the hard parts." "I want full grain bread baby, the crunchy parts make it interesting, makes it an adventure." Then you open the door for all the joy to flow in and because you turned fear into and adventure to be discovered it doesn't carry that much charge to manifest the second time around.

Doing away with fear will not do it for you. We say that as if we can but we end up in denial about the fear we have. Transform fear into adventure and maybe to become an adrenalin junkie will do it for you. At least open a bit of bravery and look forward to a bit of an experience in adventure that comes with the package.

If you are really good you will just manifest what you want and you will get only the part you manifested. You also have to remember that time moves on and that the ambiance of the memory will also not be the same.

Remember that you can also create the ambiance. Create a new ambiance. If a crab bit you the last time you walked on the beach you can create it without crabs this time round. Or create it with a crab handler by your side. Create the wealth your parents lost but this time create a good bookeeper to manage it for you, and create him or her being honest!

At the very least remeber that the past is over and the new tomorrows will always be different. Then you can clear the filter to let more creation flow into your manifestations.

So come out and play. Dance in the rain. Dance barefoot around the campfire with me and invent a few extra steps when you step on that hot coal Very Happy .

Life is a fantastic adventure to be experienced. There is so much more to have. Let's have it!


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Clear your mind
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