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 Faeries & Elementals.

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PostSubject: Faeries & Elementals.   Sat Dec 27, 2008 8:43 am

The Hidden World of Elementals & Fairies.

Have you ever walked though a park or through the woods and felt a sudden sense of peace, minimizing all your problems after a discouraging day? You probably had contact with an "Elemental". Elementals are "Nature's Angels" and they are referred to by various names including Fairies, Elves, Devas, Brownies, Leprechauns, Gnomes, Sprites, Pixies as well as many others. These nature spirits are governed by the Archangels. (For the sake of ease, we will group all nature spirits as Elementals on this page unless they are specifically being explained.) Like Angels, Elementals do not have a definite form or appearance. It's easy to determine if a picture is that of an Angel or a winged elemental. The winged elementals have butterfly looking wings and Angels have feathered bird wings.

If they choose to show themselves to you, they may choose a form that you will recognize and be comfortable with or will associate with the element they represent. A fire elemental may appear as a spark, a face in a candle flame or bonfire, or simply a sudden warm spot. A water elemental may be a cold spot. An air elemental could be a sudden breeze or tiny whirlwind in the dust. A smell, taste, or an unexplained pebble in your shoe could be evidence of the earth elementals at play.

The belief in Elementals goes back to before the beginning of religion. Long before Angels, there were Elementals who inhabited all things. Animism which is believed to be the original religion of humankind believed that Elementals inhabit all things.

Most occultists and Neo-pagan witches believe these spirits possess supernatural powers and are usually invisible to humans, living among the trees, rivers, plants, bogs, mountains, and minerals. They attach themselves to practically every natural thing.

Interest in the elementals increased during the Middle Ages and Renaissance when practitioners experimenting with alchemy and magic sought to acquire nature's secrets so to be able to control her forces.

Elementals are very mischievous and like to play, but their play may appear to us as disasters rather than play, such as thunderstorms, blizzards, raging seas. When Elementals decide to enjoy themselves, it's best for us humans to take cover and hope they tire soon. Contrary to how it seems, Elementals activities are not always destructive, even though it may seem that way to humans at times. The elementals have their own agenda and they have a definite purpose, which we may not understand, but may be for the good of the planet as a whole.

There is a group of Elementals for each of the elements - Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Below is a brief description of some, but not all, creatures of the four elements.

Elements and their Creatures

Earth: Gnomes

Being of the earth, Gnomes usually live in the soil, rocks, beneath the ground, and under the tree roots. Gnomes will only help humans if they have been considerate of nature and treat it well. They are very helpful of those who have established a connection with them through prior acts of kindness.

The subgroups of the Earth Gnomes consist of Brownies, Dryads, Durdalis, Earth Spirits, Elves, Hamadryads, Pans, Pygmies, Sylvestres, and Satyrs.

Air: Sylphs

The sylphs are the air spirits. Their element has the highest vibratory rate. They are said to live on the tops of mountains. The leader of the sylphs is a being called Paralda who is said to dwell on the highest mountain of Earth. They often assume human form but only for short periods of time. They are usually seen with wings, looking like cherubs or fairies. Because of their connection to air, which is associated with the mental aspect, one of their functions is to help humans receive inspiration. The sylphs are drawn to those who use their minds, particularly those on creative arts. Sylphs are usually sympathetic of human endeavors and for the most part their actions towards them are kindly and thoughtful. The Sylphs can have a profound and powerful influence on the human mental body and thought, and, they are responsible for being the primary impetus behind both inspirational art and inventions

Water: Undines

The water spirits are called Undines. They closely resemble humans in appearance and size, except for those inhabiting smaller streams and ponds. They are beautiful, emotional, and graceful Nature Spirits who dress themselves in greenish, sea colored garb that has both a shimmering consistency and a watery texture. Their ruler is known as Necksa who they love, serve, and honor unceasingly. Since their purpose is to direct the flow and course of the waters of the planet, they live in coral caves, fountains, lakes, marshlands, rivers, seas, waterfalls, and underneath lily pads. Besides caring for plants both above and below the surface of the water, the Undines are concerned with the movements of water and how they relate to human emotions and soul responses. The Undines and their subgroups are friendly, approachable, and are very willing to work with people and to help them. Etheric in nature, they exist within the water itself and this is why they can't be seen with the normal physical vision.

The subgroups of the Water Undines consist of Limoniades, Mermaids, Naiads, Oceanid, Oreads, Potamides, Sea Maids.

Fire: Salamanders

The salamanders are the spirit of fire. Without these beings, fire cannot exist. You cannot light a match without a salamander's being present. They are considered the strongest and most powerful of all the elementals. Their ruler is a magnificent flaming being called Djin. On the spiritual level, they also help to awaken kundalini. Salamanders will always help people who are friendly towards them and keep their heart fires burning.


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I do not take any credit or responsability for the contents of this page.
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Faeries & Elementals.
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