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 Atlantis - High Priests & Priestesses.

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PostSubject: Atlantis - High Priests & Priestesses.   Sat Dec 27, 2008 9:09 am

High Priests & Priestesses.

At any given time there were twelve High Priests and Priestesses during the Golden Age of Atlantis. In 20,000BC the original twelve were appointed to lead and serve the people. Each was in charge of one of the twelve regions.

They were so evolved that they vibrated between the 5th and 6th dimension and never took a partner as all their energy was devoted to their task. They lived in the Temple of Poseidon and worked together to operate the great Bio-dome over Atlantis, which controlled the weather and atmospherics.

The earliest ones are all familiar names for they became mythical gods in Egypt and Greece. Others like Pallas Athena, Hercules and St. Germain are also well known. Yet one of the most evolved of all, Voosloo, is unknown.

Yet he has become the Chohan or Master of the 9th Ray, which has now come in to bring higher energy to Earth. His task is to ensure that we do not make the same mistakes that caused the fall of Atlantis.

This is written by Diana Cooper on I do not take any credit or responsability for the content of this article.
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Atlantis - High Priests & Priestesses.
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