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 Unicorns & Dolphins..

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PostSubject: Unicorns & Dolphins..   Sat Dec 27, 2008 9:12 am

These beautiful white ascended horses with a spiralling horn of pure light radiating from the third eye, are of the angelic realms. They withdrew from Atlantis as the energy devolved. Now they are returning to help humanity rise to higher levels. Like the angels they will leave a little white feather as a calling card.

Unicorns have come to teach us qualities of dignity, pride, self worth and honour. They are aiming to trigger once more our innocence, the original essence we had the moment we became a divine spark. And they bring us hope and joy, even making wishes come true. These magnificent creatures heal by reconnecting people to their spirits.

You will find them in nature where the veils between the worlds are thin or communicate with them in meditation. They come to those who have a vision beyond themselves and help them to bring it to fruition.

The people of Golden Atlantis recognised that dolphins are the keepers of cosmic knowledge, for the information is recorded in their brain like a computer. They loved them and built huge pools so that they could swim with their friends and telepathically access their wisdom, guidance and joy.

Many of the dolphins now hold the information from the twelve regions. There are however a few angel dolphins, those who were very high frequency Guardian Angels in the purest times, who took dolphin bodies. They hold immense wisdom and have great powers. If you are blessed to swim with one of these beings or access one in meditation, they can help you in awesome ways. They are the blue dolphins, who radiate an electric blue light.

In their angelic bodies these Angels are seeking those who are pure and dedicated enough to help bring back the energy of Golden Atlantis. If you are willing and feel you are ready, please meditate and offer yourself in service to them.

This is written by Diana Cooper on I do not take any credit or responsability for the content of this article.
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Unicorns & Dolphins..
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