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 About Atlantis by Diana Cooper.

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PostSubject: About Atlantis by Diana Cooper.   Sat Dec 27, 2008 9:22 am

Questions about Atlantis answered

Who originally settled in Golden Atlantis?

In approximately 20,000BC a clarion call resounded throughout the Universes for volunteers to take part in the final experiment of Atlantis. Millions responded but only 64,000 were chosen at first.

For the glorious period of fifteen hundred years the people vibrated at the fifth dimensional frequency, their energy so pure that their chakras literally glowed with joy and vitality. They lived in co-operation, sharing and harmony, dedicating all to the highest good.

They managed to maintain this high frequency, which was beyond duality, the only time and place on Earth where there has been true oneness. And they developed awesome spiritual technology, which enhanced all their lives and the planet.

How did they maintain their high frequency?
The people lived simple, fun filled, happy lives, mostly out in nature. They spent little time working, so there were many hours each day for relaxation, contemplation and socialising. Everyone did what they loved to do most, for their gifts and talents were recognised, developed and honoured.

They honoured all life forms so there was no fear between humans or between animals and humans. All their food and water was pure and fresh.

Furthermore their mind sets were positive. There were no negative words in their vocabularies, nor words for past and future, so they lived in the eternal present. Most important of all, their hearts were all open to love and their intuition pure.

Where was Atlantis?
When the experiment of Atlantis was first activated, the land mass filled the Atlantic Ocean. However, the energy of the people eventually devolved and the trial was terminated, the continent sinking beneath the waves. It was re-instated on several occasions but the end result was always the same and each time Atlantis was restored the land mass became smaller. When the trial was eventually set up for the fifth and final time the civilization was spread over five islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean stretching down to North America.

The only remaining parts of the land which made up Golden Atlantis are in the Bahamas, the Azores and the Canary Islands, though remains from earlier experiments are to be found round the perimeters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Why was Atlantis so special?
Atlantis was the longest civilisation on the planet and lasted for 240,000 years, so virtually everyone currently in incarnation has had a life on the continent, and therefore holds memories about it at a cellular level.

It was a cosmic experiment on Earth, to see if spirits could enter a physical incarnation, go through the Veil of Amnesia, experience emotions, sexuality and all the senses, and still maintain their spiritual oneness with God. For 1500 years at the start of the fifth experiment, this was achieved.

There were other experiments taking place on this planet at the same time, each of which had a different purpose. The reason Atlantis was so special and different from the other trials on Earth at that time was that it was a controlled experiment, for nothing and no one could enter the dome placed over the civilisation.

Most importantly, during this period extraordinary spiritual technology was created, which is beyond our current imaginings.

Did Atlanteans have a special relationship with water?
They loved the water and understood its cosmic properties. Every home and temple in Golden Atlantis had a fountain or pond. Their houses were built in circles round the central temple, and canals of water flowed round the houses. This water was kept pure and clean and constantly blessed.

The people loved to swim in the streams, rivers and lagoons which criss-crossed the islands, and it was a popular pastime for families to picnic by water, and to build rafts or boats in which to sail. They also enjoyed swimming with the dolphins, for whom they built huge pools.

In their communities they built stone circles over the points where underground streams crossed. They transported the stones by telekinesis and sound, angling them carefully towards a planet of their choice. In this way they could draw special energies down through the circle into the waters, to be spread round Atlantis.

For more information read The Web of Light.

Did the people of Atlantis have 12 chakras?
Yes, during the Golden Era of Atlantis all the people had 12 chakras fully operational. These were;

The Stellar Gateway
The Soul Star
The Causal
The Crown
The Third Eye
The Throat
The Heart
The Solar Plexus
The Navel
The Sexual
The Base
The Earth Star

We currently have only seven chakras open, for as Atlantis started to devolve five chakras closed down, the Stellar Gateway, Soul Star, Causal,Naval and Earth Star. At present only a handful of people can access the true Oneness through their Stellar Gateway. However this is about to change and it is for people to start opening their higher chakras to bring through divine energy of a much higher frequency and to heal themselves and the Earth time. It is vitally important that we all open up to this, for this is the route by which our planet will be purified and ascend to its rightful place in the Universe.

Did the people of Atlantis have 12 strands of DNA?
Yes, the chakras and DNA are intimately connected. In the Golden Times everyone knew how to relax deeply, down to a cellular level. Within the nucleus in the chromosomes of each cell is found the DNA, in the shape of a double helix, like two chains of beads wrapped round each other. There are thousands of genes within each double helix of DNA, which contain your genetic coding. Your coding if, of course, a spiritual decision taken before birth, depending on your karma, and what challenges or lessons your soul wishes to undertake. The codons or chains of beads are profoundly affected by your thoughts, emotions and the way you live your life.

In the relaxed and spiritual Golden Era, the 64 codons, lay open and relaxed, side by side, so that all connections were made. This allowed them to maintain their great psychic and spiritual abilities. As Atlantis devolved, the strands tightened and started to twist round each other, so that the beads no longer connected to each other properly. They went out of synch and only touched at intervals. Eventually 44 codons were switched off and the advanced spiritual and psychic abilities were disconnected. Now 44 are dormant (known as junk DNA) while 20 are enabled. As we live in peace, relaxation, love, joy and harmony and bring back our 12 chakras, these will be switched on again and we will once more enjoy our spiritual powers.

Is Mount Shasta connected to Atlantis?
Only in that one of the etheric crystal pyramids which formed part of the dome over Golden Atlantis has now been placed in Mount Shasta. It is of a very high frequency and draws people to its energy. There is also one now in Arizona and one in Tibet. More may be returned to other sacred places to boost their light.

What is the relevance to Atlantis of 44?
44 is the vibration of Golden Atlantis.
33 is the vibration of the Christ Consciousness.
22 is the vibration of the Master Builder and manifestor.
11 is the Master vibration.

Why do you ask people to use the 3D colours when bringing in the 12 chakras. Surely in Atlantis they meditated with the 5D colours for the chakras?
Yes, that is absolutely true. The chakras were of a higher frequency than ours are now and the colours were different. We were told that, even when you have been practising with the 5D colours for the seven chakras as I give in New Light on Ascension, you should, at first use the 3D colours for the 12 chakras. The reason is that the higher colours are very powerful and could prove too much for your energy circuits. If you start the 3D colours you will automatically know when you are ready to meditate with the fifth dimensional ones.

For more information order New Light on Ascension.

How was the film about the Titanic relevant to Atlantis?
The higher purpose of the film was to remind people unconsciously about the end of Atlantis, when the waves swept over the land. This is why it touched so many people very deeply. The film also acted to remind humanity of the power of the elements.

Is there a connection between Hitler and Atlantis?

Hitler was one of the original sons of Belial, those who descended into lust, greed, control and black magic in an earlier Atlantean experiment, setting up a schism with the Children of the Law of One who wanted to live according to spiritual principles. Those who incarnated into Atlantis were blond haired and blue eyed and Hitler, despite being dark haired himself in his twentieth century incarnation, unconsciously sought to bring back the physical perfection he had recorded in his cellular memory. He also accessed his dark powers which he used to influence others and create an evil holocaust.

Prayers of intercession for his soul have been collected by the angels and used to open his heart to new understandings. His soul has undergone much healing and he has chosen to relinquish all power. Instead he has reincarnated to a mother who understands the power of love.

Are the plants and animals very different now from the way they were in Atlantis?
Yes, they were all vegetarian, including cats, who have made huge shifts in jaw structure and digestion in order to accommodate meat. No plants had thorns for they had no need to protect themselves. The dogs in Atlantis were all of one variety, just different colours. The closest we currently have to the original breed is the lurcher. Humans have taken dogs and bred them for their own purposes.

Why did people drink milk from cows in Atlantis when we know that cow’s milk is bad for us?
In Golden Atlantis the vibration of the grass and herbs was higher as was that of the cows. They were not fed antibiotics or anything unnatural and they were loved and respected. The frequency of the milk was perfect for the people of that time.

This is written by Diana Cooper on I do not take any credit or responsability for the content of this article.
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About Atlantis by Diana Cooper.
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