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 Angel Realms by Diana Cooper.

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PostSubject: Angel Realms by Diana Cooper.   Sat Dec 27, 2008 9:29 am

Angel Realms.

Beings of light who vibrate at a seventh dimensional frequency belong to the angelic realms, and dwell in the seventh heaven. Because they vibrate in a range beyond human sight and hearing we cannot normally see or hear them. We have to raise our consciousness in order to make that connection. However angels are always available to help us.

There is a hierarchy, the lowest of which is the elemental kingdom, the fairies, mermaids, imps, salamanders and others. These eventually evolve into the angels, the lowest of which are the Guardian Angels, who look after individuals.

From I do not accept any credit or responsability for the content of this article.
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Angel Realms by Diana Cooper.
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