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 You know you're spiritual when...

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PostSubject: You know you're spiritual when...   Wed Jan 14, 2009 8:33 am

You know you're spiritual when...

1. You realize a lightworker is not someone who fix lights and a wayshower is not a traffic attendant

2. You realize a 'channeler' is not someone who programs VCRs

3. You realize that 'guides' are not necessarily for foreign visitors who can't read maps

4. You realize that doing a 'reading' is not telling stories

5. You realize people are not talking about 'Pokemon' when they mention 'power animals'

6. You realize "Yin & Yang" are not names of Asian designers

7. You realize someone who uses 'The Law of Attraction' is not necessarily lusty

8. You call the name 'Michael' more often than the name of your partner

9. Watching TV becomes taboo and shameful to mention

10. The media becomes your new enemy

11. You realize someone who says 'Namaste' is not necessarily Indian

12. You know what the word 'Namaste' actually means

13. Tea gets on the no.1 spot on your shopping list

14. Finding the right toothpaste becomes a life and death issue

15. You discovered you actually had 3!!! astrological signs

16. You flaunt the 3!!! astrological signs

17. You realize 'Service-To-Others' is not a tagline from the airline service industry

18. You start to send/receive lots of colorful pictures on your computer

19. You take on funny avatars like 'RainbowSolarAngel' or 'PhotonicMessenger' for your online profile

20. Someone asks you for advice and you immediately close your eyes or take out a stack of cards

21. You have a strange looking object worn over your neck

22. You have to constantly explain about that strange looking object worn over your neck

23. Wearing something made of resin seems very fashionable

24. You know the location of every crystal store in town

25. One of your vacation destination now includes visiting a crop field out in the countryside

26. You ask how someone 'feels' and not expect a short answer

27. Someone asks how you 'feel' and you can no longer provide a short answer

28. You receive insults and swearing from angry people

29. You begin to think you are famous from all the insults and swearing from angry people

30. You begin to suspect 'they' are after you

Love, Light & Fidelity,

All we have to do is decide what to do with the time we are given.
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You know you're spiritual when...
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