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 The Akashic Records - Experiences.

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PostSubject: The Akashic Records - Experiences.   Wed Jan 14, 2009 9:18 am

What are your experiences with the Akashic Records?

Here's mine:
At first, if I'm totally honest, I thought I had my very own library in my head until I researched (quite a while after) the Akashic Records. I could only access it in meditation, a transe or Astral Projection, all the more reason to believe that I had a library in my head.

Apparently people view it differently. While I was there (or rather, when it was in my head!) I felt totally tranquil, enlightened without reading anything there. While it was still there I did a mind-link with one of my friends (a telepath), and he managed to see and read the books and scrolls. I, myself, could not read them. I could make them float with my mind and make the books glow that I wanted him to read for me instead.

What did it look like, to me?
To me, it looked like row upon row upon row of crumbling, browning and somewhat messy records. While looking at them, I knew that there was literally, everything that had ever happened in this one room - it went on forever, though I never actually saw walls. I call it messy because I so no logical order the the scrolls. Books where with books on the higher-built shelves (basically wooden blocks and sticks nailed together about 10 ft tall - it was 2ce my size and I'm 5'2-3") then lower shelves that was 4-5 ft tall but build in the same manner for the scrolls - which I never actually looked at.

I don't know how it appeared there, it was right after my biggest Ascension yet. That's why until I found out about the Akashic Records I thought it was my duty to protect this place that was locked inside my head against the Dark side of the Light and other beings lol. I feel a lot more comfortable now I now that others experience it too as it was so confusing when you're having a conversation with someone debating who is actually the guardian of the library as you both have one in your heads!

I also found out that other people view this different ways. I've heard of people viewing it as a computer system and so on. Quite interesting stuff.

What are your experiences like?

Love, Light & Fidelity,

All we have to do is decide what to do with the time we are given.
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The Akashic Records - Experiences.
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