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 First Self-Written Spell.

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PostSubject: First Self-Written Spell.   Sun Jan 18, 2009 2:52 pm

My First Self-Written Spell.

I call it a spell but it was more of a jazzed up, flamboyant spell. It was a spell to help me with me coursework, in particular my "understanding financial information" coursework which is due in in two days time. I've been struggling with motivation and was worried about time, so I decided to write a spell based on that.

I thought that, because I never had the herbs I need for the spell, I would try with some other tools to help focus my spell. All together I used the following:

- 5 Tarot cards,
- 9 Crystals,
- 6 Runes,
- 17 Angel cards,
- A small white candle.

Arguably, that was too much focus; it could have confused the spell. However it did work and less than 5 hours later I got my desired outcome – completed coursework.

I searched online for “how to write your own spells” and I based it on that. It helps you decide if you need to write the spell and cast it, or if you can do without or achieve it another way. Also, it helps you decide which ingredients you need, along with which moon phase is needed, day of the week, herbs, crystals, oils, coloured candles, and which God and/or Goddess you’re asking.
For my spell I directed it at the Muses – Greek Goddesses, for they are renowned for inspiration, creativity and beauty, and Ra - the Egyptian Sun God that controls all. I decided he could help me with the timing issue as he controls the Sun.

I picked out the cards I wanted from my Angel and Tarot deck, and then did the same with my runes and crystals. In return for their attention and blessing offered them a banana, 6 blocks of Cadbury milk chocolate, and some water (which is all I can afford realistically). I felt the need to give something back as I felt that I as asking them to bless me with something on such short notice they would need (or like) something in return – as I would if I had got asked something on such short notice.

I specified every detail of my spell; how long I want it to last ideally, when I want it to start, what I want the outcome to be, etc.

Here is my spell:

“I call upon the Muses, Greek Goddesses of old,
Both beautiful and wise, do not let my inspiration run cold.
I call upon the mighty Ra, Egyptian Sun God of Ancient times,
Creator of all, I give to you my signs.

Inspiration and motivation is what I need,
I call the Muses to kindly seed.
For important work needs to be done,
I need your blessing instantly to make this work fun!

Time stretched is also my will,
I call the Sun God Ra to help it still.
Not to stop time, but slow the setting of the Sun,
So I have enough work pace not to run!

I request the duration to last a week,
Though it is mainly today and tomorrow I seek.
Your influence I pray will hold,
At least until my work is done and told.

In return I now offer you the gift of fruit, but also of chocolate and water,
Please forgive as this is all I can give to donate to you, as my finance is somewhat shorter!

I do pray once more to the mighty Muses,
Creative in both song and thought.
Please bring to me the inspiration for coursework,
That I need so quickly and have sought.

I also pray once more to Ra, whose beauty beholds any creature on Earth,
Please give me time enough to complete for Monday night if you feel I am worth.

I thank the God and Goddesses whose blessings are both gentle and wise,
I beg you now to accept my gifts and to contemplate and grant my prize.

Oh beautiful Divines of Ancient and Old,
I thank you once more for the spell I have told."

To me, it worked because I believed but I was also specific in what I wanted. The spell worked and completed its purpose within four hours of being cast.

Love, Light & Fidelity,

All we have to do is decide what to do with the time we are given.
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First Self-Written Spell.
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