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 Gods and Goddesses.

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PostSubject: Gods and Goddesses.   Mon Jan 19, 2009 4:28 pm

Stuck on which God and/or Goddess to call upon for your spell? Here's some listed below to help you. Apologies if some are not very well worded, this is from online.


Aphrodite: She is a Greek Goddess of passionate sexual love. She is a good goddess to call upon when you want to pull loving energies towards yourself. She is also a sky goddess.

Aradia: She is Italian and the Queen of the Witches. Aradia is the daughter of Diana. She’s a very powerful Goddess and protects the witches.

Arainrhod: She is Welsh and a goddess of stars and reincarnation. If you need help remembering past lives she is a great goddess to call upon.

Artemis: A Greek moon goddess. She will protect you from that which you cannot see.

Astarte: The goddess of fertility and can help you conceive.

Athena: A Greek warrior goddess and protectoress, you can call on her to help you when you feel you are in danger.

Aine : A Celtic moon goddess.

Bast: She is Egyptian and you can call on her for protection. Bask is also widely associated with cats.

Brigid: She is a Celtic warrior goddess and protectoress. She is also the triple goddess. Brigid is a very powerful goddess and can help you through a touch situation.

Brigit: A Celtic goddess of fire, healing and the home.

Ceres: Roman goddess or the harvest.

Cerridwen: Celtic Great Mother Goddess.

Demeter: A Greek Earth mother. Call on her for help with anything to do with children.

Diana: A Roman Moon goddess and goddess of the hunt. Witches look to her as a mother figure.

Dryads: The Greek feminine tree spirits.

Flora: Roman Goddess of spring and birth.

Fortuna: Roman goddess of fate.

Freya: Moon goddess and in charge of the Valkyries. Freya is also the wife of Odin.

Hathor: She is Egyptian and protects woman. Witches have a Hathor's mirror.

Hecate: Greek Moon Goddess and Crone or Dark Mother.

Hestia: Greek Goddess of the home. She will help protect your home and family.

Hera: Greek Goddess of marriage. Call on her if you are having a handfasting.

Isis: Egyptian goddess that represents the Triple Goddess.

Maat: Egyptian Goddess of justice.

Morgan: Celtic Goddess of water and magick. She was married to Merlin. Doubled with ‘Lady Of The Lake’.

Muses: Greek Goddesses of inspiration.

Nephtys: Egyptian Goddess of surprises, midwives and sisters.

Norns: The three Celtic sisters of Wyrd. They weave fate, past, present and future.

Nuit: Egyptian Sky Mother.

Selene: Greek Goddess of the Moon and solutions. She can help you get answers to you problems.

Valkyries: Woman warriors who carried the souls of men killed in battle to the summerland.

Venus: Roman Goddess of love and romance.


Adonis: A Greek god and also consort of Aphrodite. Also another name for 'Lord'.

Anubis: Egyptian God and guardian of Isis. He can assist in protecting your home.

Apollo: Greek and Roman God, twin brother or Artemis and God of the sun.

Apsu: A Babylonian God who mate is Tiamat.

Cernunnos: The Celtic Horned God and consort of the lady.

Eros: Greek God of romance and passionate love.

Horus: Egyptian God who has the head of the falcon and body of a man. God of healing.

Hymen: Greek God of marriage and commitment.

Lucifer: Italian God who is Brother and soulmate of Diana. He is also father of Aradia and a god of the sun.

Mithra: He’s both the Sun God and God to Soldiers.

Odin: The counter part of Freya. He obtained second sight by hanging on the tree off yggdrasily. He has two familiars, they are the raven and wolf.

Osiris: Egyptian and counterpart of Isis. This is an all over god and covers everything.

Pan: A Greek god of nature and the woods.

Poseidon: Greek God of the sea. He has two familiars, they are dolphins and horses.

Ptah: Egyptian God who’s an expert craftsman and designer. God of crafts.

Shiva: Hindu God of the universal cycles, birth, death and rebirth.

Thor: Scandinavian God of sky and thunder. Thor is a very kind god.

Love, Light & Fidelity,

All we have to do is decide what to do with the time we are given.
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Gods and Goddesses.
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