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 About Agate.

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PostSubject: About Agate.   Sat Jan 24, 2009 8:25 am


In ancient Rome it was considered a stone of truth. It is form of chalcedony which belongs to the microcrystalline family of quartz and it often displays banded opaline layers. Ancient lava often provided the cavities in which agate formed. It was created when rains trickled into these cavities carrying minerals, it then evaporated and gave birth to the wonderful gem agate. It is mainly found in Brazil and Paraguay. If we look back in history the earliest references to agate appear in the writings of Theophrastus (c.370-285BC). From these we learn that Agate was named after the River Achates where it was first discovered (Sicily), since then it has been renamed River Dirillo. Those who first came across this beautiful gem quickly discovered that it had great potential as they were able to carved it and create wonderful decorations from it. Agate can often be found in a variety of bright colours this is due to the fact that it is porous and therefore easy to dye. In the Mediterranean it was believed to provide protection from accidents. In the Roman Empire it was only worn by the upper classes and was believed to guard against the evil eye.

Metaphysical Properties.
Agate has a stabilizing affect on the aura as it has the ability to cleanse the energy field whilst also removing negativity. Wearing this stone stimulates perception, awakening an individual to the truth of a situation. It’s effect is soothing and slow but it is a powerful stone.This gem can be used to form a connection with the spiritual worlds in order to obtain guidance and inspiration. It works on healing bitterness and pain caused by events in the past and fosters the courage to pick ones self up and start again. Agate teaches that all experiences are beneficial for our soul , good and bad together for this is what leads us to true spiritual growth.

Blue Lace Agate.
Blue Lace Agate is often associated with the Virgin Mary and is known as a stone of motherhood. In Scandinavia this beautiful gem is linked to the earth goddess, Nerthus. It is also found in Romania yet the best mines are located in South Africa.

Metaphysical Properties.

Blue Lace Agate is highly beneficial for those who find it difficult to speak their mind. It encourages the individual to make themselves heard whilst also providing the courage to do so. This gem has the ability to enhance loyalty and brings clarity of the mind to the wearer. It aids one in manifesting desires, yet this will not happen instantly as the energy of this agate is gentle but determined. It works at a steady pace of transformation and, as it concentrates its vibration at the throat chakra, wearing it whilst speaking affirmations is extremely beneficial. This stone teaches us that our words create our reality. Blue Lace Agate connects one with the higher self helping an individual to recognize spiritual guidance and find the peace and silence within. It lifts the spirits and works on alleviating self-doubt teaching one to be more positive. It also helps one to discern the truth of a situation. In a healing capacity it works on throat problems.

Botawana Agate.
Metaphysical Properties.

Botswana Agate is an excellent stone for problem solving as it helps one to find the solution rather than dwelling on a situation. Its aids in seeing the bigger picture. Its power is its ability to cut the ties with those who try to manipulate our lives or drain our energy whilst also revitalizing and protecting the aura. It is beneficial to the crown chakra as it draws energy into the auric field. It stimulates creativity and enhances love and harmony. In a healing capacity it is good for the circulation, the nervous system and the skin.

Crazy Lace Agate.
is also referred to as Mexican crazy lace agate and is known for its unusual patterns and is commonly yellow, brown, white and grey.

Metaphysical Properties.

Crazy Lace Agate is extremely good for those feeling the highs and lows of life. It works on bringing the physical energies into balance whilst also increasing awareness. It provides insight into ones potential, highlighting various paths of choice. This gem has been used to treat skin disorders and the vital organs.

Fire Agate.
Fire Agate is a rare form of agate which is sometimes brown or orange. This orange variety displays a mosaic pattern which is truly beautiful and it seems that from inside it is glowing with a fire.

Metaphysical Properties.

Fire Agate is an excellent gem for those who are spiritual inclined. It helps one to balance life in the physical world with the realm of spirit. For those of us that are sensitive to this world we can sometimes feel like we do not belong here or wish to be here. This stone is the perfect gem for these feelings as it helps to promote a zest for life and restores ones faith in human nature. It helps the wearer to realize their potential and purpose. Fire Agate also has the ability to manifest ones desires whilst also providing a channel through which divine guidance can be recognized. This gem provides a shield of protection around the aura deflecting the negative thoughts of others. It fosters courage and creativity bringing inspiration into ones life. It has been used to treat circulation problems, depression and lethargy.

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About Agate.
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