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 About Fluorite.

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PostSubject: About Fluorite.   Sat Jan 24, 2009 8:31 am


Fluorite and Spiritualism.
For those who follow the Wicca, New Age or believe in the Spirit World, Crystals, Minerals, Rocks, Semi-Precious Stones and metals can have powers for Astral Travel, Aura Cleansing, Channeling, Cosmic Awareness, Crystal Healing, ESP, Meditation, Psychic Communication, Psychic Energy and Transcendental Meditation. They also believe a crystal can have crystal magic that gives it the ability to connect to spirits, spirit guides, spiritual energy and help with channeling spirits and increase cosmic awareness.

As a spiritual stone, according to crystal healing practitioners, Fluorite excels at calming the spirit and the mind, thereby opening up the individual to the power of the spirit world. In this calm state, crystal healers believe Fluorite creates an atmosphere conducive to inner knowledge and exploration that prepares the mind for advanced meditative states, wherein one can further expand into the spiritual realm. In this meditative state, the mind is open to the universal intelligence, which can bring prophetic dreams, knowledge of past lives, inter-dimensional communication and spiritual energy.

In the world of the spiritualists, Fluorite grounds, balances and focuses energy and absorbs and alters negative energy. It also softens the energy aura for the use of other stones. Further uses by healers include activating universal energies, resolving Karmic issues, healing holes in auras, nourishing the body’s energy and stabilizing chaotic energy. To charge its energy, place it on a windowsill so it can absorb the energy of the cosmos.

Fluorite and Symbolism.
There are many associations in Astrological symbols and symbolism of Astrology, Ayurvedic, Hindu Astrology, Lucky Charms that are associated with gemstone or crystals, crystal healing, spiritualism, new Age, gems, minerals, mining, spirits vibrations and Chakra, as well as mystical numerology and psychic supernatural investigations. It is rare in Bali, Rhodium, and Serpentine necklaces.

Astrology and Birthstone
Fluorite has been associated with February as a birthstone. Spiritualists recommend Fluorite for those born under the signs of Capricorn, whom it may aid in overcoming some of their practical nature, which could limit their spiritual growth; Aquarius, whose natural connection with the spiritual world can be enhanced by Fluorite; and Pisces, who will benefit from Fluorite’s ability to strengthen the spirit and the will. Its numerological association is 7. It is a Water Elemental.

Fluorite is useful in the treatment of the Third Eye or Brow Chakra. It opens the Chakras to increase internal and external awareness. It harmonizes and recharges all the Chakras for clarity, overview and insight into alternative states.

Fluorite and Healing.
The use of Crystals for crystal healing or gem healing, has been linked to mental, physical, spiritual health, charkas’ energy, whose Healing Power followers of the New Age, Psychic Healing and Atlantis and Crystal Healers have long revered for relieving pain, stress, depression, anxiety in the mind, body and spirit. Spiritual Healers believe this approach to alternative medicine is essential for ensuring health.

Mental Healing
Crystal healers consider Fluorite one of Nature’s most powerful mental healers. Those who have experienced the power of Fluorite have labeled it the Genius Stone. To them it has the ability to influence the activities that occur on the mental plane of consciousness and amplifies, focuses, expands and creates new pathways for the mind. Mental healers also credit Fluorite with connecting a person’s being on the mental and spiritual plane. This allows it to increase abilities of concentration, discernment of truth and clear decision-making. Other properties include bringing order to mental chaos, increasing objectivity, enhancing creativity, curing mental disorders, easing meditation and freeing one from bad habits.

The many colors of Fluorite, according to healers, have different mental healing specialties. Green can energize and still the heart and mind. Blue for inner peace. Purple is for focus and helping to get one out of a mental rut. Yellow is for comprehension and group communication and dynamics. White is for creating pathways between the individual and universal spirit.

Physical Healing
Though primarily recognized as a mental healer, crystal healers also consider Fluorite a good physical healer, protecting one from infection by purification of the body, cleansing the spirit and eliminating almost any virus or bacteria. They also prescribe it for women in need of balancing their hormones. Because of its chemical makeup, they believe it can help with bones and teeth.

Healers specializing in using crystal power on pets recommend Fluorite for teeth, ear, nose and throat, digestion, respiratory, lymph node, bones, sleep, and anxious maladies.

Fluorite and the Chakras
Fluorite in Chakra healing serves to recharge all the areas of the body but Chakra healers associate Fluorite primarily with the Third Eye or the Brow Chakra, where it assists in increasing the patient’s clarity and ability to see into separate realities.

Copyright 1999, I take no credit or responsability for the content of this article.

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About Fluorite.
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