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 Astral Projection - My How To.

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PostSubject: Astral Projection - My How To.   Sat Jan 24, 2009 10:34 am

My How To: Astral Projection.

There are a lot of astral projection techniques, but like everything else some methods don't work for some. This is how I achieve astral projection and what it looks like to me when I get there. I've shared my method in the past and it's worked for some others, however it may not work for some people.

Make sure you will not have any distractions from friends or relatives. It works best in silence and in darkness. This is because your mind has nothing to distract itself to, such as flickering lights or ever day noises. For me I choose before I go to bed as it is usually quiet and dark then.

How I Achieve Astral Projection.

First, get comfortable - either sitting or laying down. Make sure that you are comfortable but you cannot fall asleep in that position. For me, I lay on my back as I cannot sleep on my back, then turn my head to the side so I am more comfortable.

Next, I close my eyes.

Slow down your breathing but make sure it is still comfortable for you. Try to relax. Some people’s heart beat speeds up but mine, like others, slows down. I make sure that I am calm enough for my heart beat to be as steady as my breathing before I attempt it.

Then when I am ready, I see swirls under my eye lids. Some people’s eyes flicker, and when this happens it usually means that you are ready to astral project. This is often the place that people fail to astral project as they lose concentration, are not relaxed enough, or are thinking of something when their minds should be clear - you should be fully focused on the task at hand.

When you reach the stage that makes your eyes swirl or flicker, think of the astral realm and wish to go there. Hold the thought in your head lightly but with surely, as if it were a baby. If you feel a barrier or are not quite there, keep pushing but do not strain it.

You should now be in the astral realm. If you are not, keep trying as practice always help.

What the Astral Realm looks like to me.
When I first get there it's dark, pitch black. Then mist arrives that are numerous shades of grey. After that, the Realm changes to what it does - for me after this point it is different every time, depending on the purpose I am there for.

How to get out.
To get out of the Astral Realm, you just need to think or say that you want to go out of the Astral Realm. When this happens you will feel 'slipping' and then wake up Smile


Don't worry if you are paralyzed when you wake up, it will soon pass. It can be very scary but this happens because your spirit has not fully entered the body yet. When you move again, your spirit is fully into your body.

It is important to protect yourself when you are there. Ideally before you try to astral project. However, if you forget it is never too late. Simply imagine pure white light radiating from your centre. Imagine it expanding, pushing all negative thoughts, feelings and shadows outwards, nothing negative can get past the white light. After it has expanded outside of your body imagine it taking the shape of an egg or bubble. White light is very powerful and will protect you from harm should the occasion arrive. It keeps out all negativity and only allows light to enter.

Good luck! If you have any questions just message me and I will try to help.

Love, Light & Fidelity,

All we have to do is decide what to do with the time we are given.
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Astral Projection - My How To.
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