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 Message about the Ascension - 24th September 08.

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PostSubject: Message about the Ascension - 24th September 08.   Sun Dec 07, 2008 12:08 pm

Channel 1) "In 2012, the angels are coming down to help the transition. They will help those who are blind and deaf and those who know the way but stumble. The rest will follow the bright white corridor to the ascended Realm. Here you will be happy. Imagine green fields as far as the eye can see with mountains either side. A crystal lake at the far end that is so big it is mistaken for the sea. Flowers everywhere, types people have ever even seen before but dreamt of. This is the New World that awaits the ascended. Some have already seen. You, have already seen. For those who haven't, picture this, and the transition will be easier. It is not death I talk of but faith and virtue. This land is your reward for listening and heeding the warnings of the one you all call God. It will come so soon and yet it will take forever to get there. Don't worry about the time, it is timeless. After all, the Ascension has only begun."

Channel 2) "No one will be left behind. ***, you will be amongst the last to go through as we need people to help the stragglers and the late awakeners. People will still be awakening while the move is happening. The gate is closed. It will not happen until a certain date in 2012 and then the gates will open. Strangely, the first to see it will be what you call 'Rainbow children'. Ascended Reiki Masters are needed as they hold a special ability within them, some will not unlock it until the move but some already know it. ***, you already know it. You will line the Great Hall and give out this certain energy I talk of, it looks like essence but it's not. It warms and heals, comforts. There are others who can do this too and they will be there, but specifically it is mainly Ascended Reiki Masters who do this. It is what draws them to Reiki.

The smallest and youngest souls will enter first, and the oldest and strongest will enter last. You can still look back on the world you came from, but it will seem like a dream and may torment you like a nightmare if you use your logic. This is not a physical world, it is a spiritual one. Only those with eyes can See it. You will still live in the 'normal' world, but spiritually you will be on a new plain. The plains people are on are moving upward to the next level, it is a stronger and more powerful level. It is also more graceful and less brutal. the world you see when you close your eyes, and look with your real eye will be gone, the New World will be there. Astralomia. Some call it that, Spiritualists. It's a rare name but if you want one you may call it that. It has many names this land. Though people have dreamt of playing there, playing instruments there, they have not. This is mere dreams and visions of the future, not the present time.

Many of the Ascended who are not Reiki Masters already have 'jobs', as you call them. Each have an individual purpose. Again, some may already know, others will not know until it happens.

The gates open on the 21st December, 2012. It will not last a day but many days. The day it opens will be brilliant and glorious for all. You will see the shine of destiny on your eye."

Channel 3) "You are just one of many societies that organise the people for Ascension. you many not feel it, but there are already quite a few Ascended here, and more on the way. You should not doubt. Each group is special and deals with it a different way. You already know what you bring, and what you need to do. I still feel slight doubt and hesitation in you, you should not when your path is laid beneith your feet. You have but to talk on it.

You are one group that will lead and guide the Enlightened Beings to Astralomia. They need to be there. This is why it started so soon, you know this. Even people who do not join physically know of you in spirit and are with you, growing stronger and learning. In spirit, they will follow you there. You will meet the others on that day."

There are three channels here. They are channelled through myself, the first from an Ascended Spirit Guide and the second and third from God.

There's been a lot of controvasy about these channels, namely because the Reiki Masters have a special cause in the Ascension. This is because they have a special skill that cannot be taught with energy working. I'd like to make clear that it is not just Reiki Masters in the group referred to (and the channel does say that) but in modern day most people with this ability are drawn to Reiki so in this channel it says Reiki.

Also, as the spirit says time is timeless, it is an illusion after all. The only reason there are dates and labels in this post is because we as humans generally need them to cut out confusion and to make clearer sense of things (e.g. organisation).

To avoid any confusion, I named the site Astralomia after the place names in this channel Smile I thought it was a beautiful name & place.
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Message about the Ascension - 24th September 08.
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