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 Channeling Q & A.

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PostSubject: Channeling Q & A.   Mon Dec 08, 2008 9:26 am


Channeling is serving as a conduit for information that originates from a living being, usually in non-physical form. In the middle 1800's, an entire movement was built around CHANNELING - SPIRITUALISM.

Can anyone CHANNEL?
NO. It is a talent that not everyone has. Just as everyone can't be a concert violinist or a champion figure skater. Unfortunately, many people think they can CHANNEL because, unlike the violinist or skater, there is no visible skill involved. Only words.

Do CHANNELERS have a common quality?
YES. An individual that has the capacity to CHANNEL has a very strong life energy flow capacity. However, a strong energy flow is not the only requirement.

Does CHANNELING just happen?
NO. Even the person with the talent for CHANNELING has to develop over a period of years. It involves much work and a detachment of self so that the information flow is not influenced by the ego. A true CHANNEL always doubts the material and strives to insure that it is genuinely not from themselves.

Why is so much material from Extra-Terrestrials derived from CHANNELING?
Many of the Extra-Terrestrials are not physical; their vibrational pattern is so high that we cannot see them. So, it is necessary for them to have a physical anchor to communicate. Other E.T.s life energy is so high that it is disruptive to normal humans, thus, it is safer for them to communicate indirectly through a CHANNEL.

Is SPIRITUALISM applicable in the present?
YES. You see, Extra-Terrestrials were responsible for the creation of SPIRITUALISM. They created and enhanced the phenomena that held the entire world's attention for more than 50 years. A person interested in Extra-Terrestrials would benefit from the study of SPIRITUALISM. It must be remembered that the culture of the late 19th and early 20th century had no frame of reference for Extra-Terrestrials but even so, some of the material of SPIRITUALISM, although only a small portion, concerns Extra-Terrestrials.

Can you believe CHANNELED information?
As with any information, its value is what it means to the individual. If something is meaningful to you, then it doesn't matter whether it came from a book, a person or was CHANNELED.

This was taken from , it was not written by me so I do not accept any credit or responsibility for the content of this article.
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Channeling Q & A.
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