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 Type's of Healing

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PostSubject: Type's of Healing   Mon Dec 08, 2008 2:02 pm

AHHH my fav that is after mediumship hehehehehehe

General Healing
A general definition of healing is any positive action, word, or thought directed by one person with the intention of helping another. A caring touch, a kind word, attentive listening or a smile are all healing. In medical care prescribing drugs, performing surgery or giving advice to benefit the patient, is therapeutic and is healing.

Spiritual Healing
Spiritual healers work with this positive intention in a deliberate way. They will focus their attention to the highest source of Peace and Love in the universe that they can imagine. This is called attunement to the universal source and is similar to meditation. It is a state of heightened awareness: being totally present and at the same time having an attitude of detachment.

The healers then consciously direct this experience of union with the universal source through themselves to the patient. This is called channelling, where the experience of love is directed through the healer and is not from the healer him or herself. This type of healing with a patient present is sometimes called 'laying on of hands', although the hands are mainly held a short distance off the body. At the end of a healing session healers will consciously break the connection they have made with the patient and resume their normal everyday conscious state of being.

Distant Healing
Spiritual healing practised when the patient is not present is called distant healing and is similar to prayer. It can be practised in groups or individually
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PostSubject: Re: Type's of Healing   Mon Dec 08, 2008 3:54 pm

Thank you for this information Smile It's good to learn something new - I never knew that a kind word or caring touch could be considered healing! Good work Smile

Love, Light & Fidelity,

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Type's of Healing
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