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 Earth Angel Prophecies.

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Earth Angel Prophecies. Empty
PostSubject: Earth Angel Prophecies.   Earth Angel Prophecies. Icon_minitimeSat Dec 27, 2008 8:55 am

This is the Earth Angel Prophecy, channelled through Indigo Warrior from the Archangel Michael.

Prophecy 1) "By the twelfth month of the twelfth year of the ninth millennium the planet will be under turmoil, due to the destruction of the land and the pollution of the air. Four children, each with incredible power, will come to help the earth. They will be born before the pain of the earth begins. The first child will come upon the wind; he will be able to heal with the gentlest touch and control the wind around him. the second child will come from the earth with the ability to detect the softest lie and the ability to raise the earth with her strength. The third child will be born within the water, his heart will be as gentle as a child's; but he will be able to calm the fury of the water. The fourth child will be born of Indigo Fire. She will have the strength of many men and the gift to bend any object. These four children will bring justice to this unruly planet. Corrupt governments will fall and false religions will crumble. These are not children of man but children of the heavens and nothing will stop them. These children are gifts of the new race to come. They are not to be feared but welcomed.
There will be three more sets of children; Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow, who will help the fight. The four children will be different; it will be in their blood".

Prophecy 2) "Through the flowing light of the source of all things, there is a shadow dimension, where the purest evil will come through, there is a darkness, nothing grows apart from the deepest darkness. It is rising and consuming, only the people of the purest heart can survive, those of the people closest to God will return and stand facing at this impending danger. Stand high and remember Love, it will come through those that walk between the chosen worlds. Evil and Danger is growing, flocks of angels are heading here, second millennium of Christ sacrifice will be the time. Many of the dark ones will join the army of darkness, death is coming, the dance is here, the dance of death".

After deciding on what the Earth Angels mentioned here are, the second prophecy is more of a spiritual battle and not a physical 'end of the world' or 'battle against any physical evil'. This is why I've allowed these to be posted Smile
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Earth Angel Prophecies.
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