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 About Jade.

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About Jade. Jade210

Jade and Spiritualism.
For those who follow the Wicca, New Age or believe in the Spirit World, Crystals, Minerals, Rocks, Semi-Precious Stones and metals can have powers for Astral Travel, Aura Cleansing, Channeling, Cosmic Awareness, Crystal Healing, ESP, Meditation, Psychic Communication, Psychic Energy and Transcendental Meditation. They also believe a crystal can have crystal magic that gives it the ability to connect to spirits, spirit guides, spiritual energy and help with channeling spirits and increase cosmic awareness.

Jade is a psychic dream stone, according to spiritualists, who say it can protect a person from psychic attacks and nightmares.

Spiritual Communication
As one of their stones of spiritual communication, psychic spiritualists believe it acts as a telephone to the spirit world. Ancient Chinese emperors would use a Jade disk in their rituals to speak to the gods. It remains a stone used to divine revelation from the beyond in hoaxes around the world. New Age psychics believe Jade is important in universal attunement and maintaining their links between the spiritual and the mundane, making even ordinary events such as doing the dishes an enlightening experience. The native peoples of New Zealand used amulets of Nephrite to shield themselves from attacks and illnesses.

Jade’s Colors
Spiritualists attribute different qualities to each color of Jade. For example they describe blue stones as having a peaceful and passive energy that creates a state of inner peace that can be useful in meditation and astral travel. And they describe the psychic energy produced by Yellow and Orange varieties of as energizing and infused with the soothing power of sunshine.

Jade is an androgynous stone.

Jade and Symbolism.
For those involved with crystal healing, vibrations, chakra, numerology, spiritualism, psychic, supernatural, the New Age and astrological signs, mother of pearl, gemstones, gems, minerals and birthstones, such as Amethyst, are often associated and assigned to months, astrological and other conventional signs, but it seems that within these associations there can be confusion as to which source is correct.

Western Astrology
Virgo, Libra

Shaman Birthstone

Planetary Astrology
Jade is an Earth Stone.

State Gemstones
Wyoming made Nephrite its State gemstone 1967.
Jade is also the Alaska state gemstone.
Finally, it is the provincial gemstone of British Columbia.

Gifts for the 12th wedding anniversary are traditionally Jade.

Jade and Healing.
According to crystal healers and New Age believers, crystal and gem healing is an art and practice, done on a metaphysical level, that is being rediscovered because of the power of the earth's energies that have been absorbed by these sacred objects that, in turn, inherit vital healing powers used to heal many types of ailments. They believe that crystals have physical, spiritual, spirit, crystal energy, tranquility, spiritual awareness, zodiac, powers that can be used for Eastern Medicine treatment of everything from pain, stress, depression, therapy and feeling in the Mind, Spirit and Body. This healing section will provide information on Chakra healing, Psychic healing, Eastern Medicine, purification rituals, of Vedic Astrologers and followers of Atlantis Religion and the occult, paranormal, aromatherapy, metaphysics, and ESP.

Mental Healing
According to followers of the New Age, Jade encourages practicality, wisdom, mental peace and tolerance of others. They also believe it can rejuvenate during periods of stress, reduce fears, banish negative thoughts and increase a person’s capacity for giving and receiving love. Jade makes a good worry stone and is often used in rosaries.

Spiritual healers attribute different abilities to each color of Jade. They recommend blue for aid in meditation, brown when entering a new phase in life, green for the management of passionate feelings, lavender for repairing a broken heart, red for generating emotional energy, white for problem-solving, yellow for people with a lack of energy.

Physical Healing
Crystal healers associate Jade with ailments of the immune system, thymus, heart, kidney and nervous system. Nephrite is actually derived from the Greek word for kidneys and is still a remedy among healers for Nephritic Colic. The crystal healing followers also believe it can stimulate white blood cell and adrenaline production, which could account for its long association with sports. Eastern athletes believe it can darken in times of superior fitness and lighten when illness comes.

Crown Chakra

Copyright 1999, I take no credit or responsability for the content of this article.
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About Jade.
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