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 Vedic Astrology Sign.

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PostSubject: Vedic Astrology Sign.   Vedic Astrology Sign. Icon_minitimeSat Jan 24, 2009 9:36 am

What is your Vedic astrology sign? Find out here:

Mine is:
You are born in Vedic Moon Sign

According to Vedic Astrology Classic:
The person born under Libra rashi will have beautiful features, mole on the face or on the neck may be possible. The lord of Libra rashi is Venus, and Venus is the king of figure and beauty. So the person will be a lover of beauty. You will be attracted towards natural beauty, beautiful pictures and beautiful and sweet songs. Libra is a balanced rashi, so you will have a balanced mind and you will examine merits and demerits before taking any decision. You will be a lover of justice and will test everything in a logical way and will express your feeling without any exaggeration. You will be kind hearted and soft-spoken, easily enraged but calmed immediately in a few moments. You will be truthful and skilled at mediation. You will give more importance to morality then truth. You will be a great humanitarian, trustworthy and peaceful. You will be ready to pay any cost to acquire peace. You will try to stay away from arguments and debates as far as possible. You will be popular in your friend's circle because you will always be eager to help others. Your friends will be reputable and will belong to the high class. You will not be lazy, although you will not be energetic and active. You will be fortunate, devoted to God and teachers and will take interest in intellectual work. You should try to work on the following - keep your emotions under control, not to appoint opposite sex as private secretary, forgive others but not forget them, not to spend much on clothes, try to take quick decisions.

Well all of it seems accurate except for the advice at the bottom. I've never appointed a member of the opposite sex as a secetary, and don't spend much on clothes.
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PostSubject: Re: Vedic Astrology Sign.   Vedic Astrology Sign. Icon_minitimeWed Mar 18, 2009 3:17 pm

Lol i got Cancer:

You will be very sensitive, very emotional, imaginative, flexible and will be hard from outside but gentle inside. You will be faithful to her dear ones and elders and will be loyal to her duties. You will be interested in singing and will be happy in listening to music. Her mind may be unstable but You will be endowed with intuitive powers. You will have a loving relationship with her family especially with her mother. You will be fearful of being insulted. Sometimes You will be very strict and at times You will be very vulnerable. You will be fond of eating sweets. You will be fond of travelling and inspite of being patriotic, You will be interested in travelling abroad. You will appear to be open-hearted and outspoken but actually You will hide a lot of things. Some of her main drawbacks will be impatience,flexibility, oversensitivity and indolence and short-tempered.

Lol most of it suites me but a lot doesnt aha
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Vedic Astrology Sign.
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