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 Description of Avalon.

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Description of Avalon. Empty
PostSubject: Description of Avalon.   Description of Avalon. Icon_minitimeThu Feb 12, 2009 10:18 am

Although there is a lot of information online about Avalon, I thought I'd write a post to describe what Avalon looks like to me from what I've seen.

There is a crystal lake. The Lady of the Lake resides here with merfolke and sirens. She usually has her face in the waterfall to the left of the lake. The water is a beautiful clear blue; the lake is almost completely shut off from the sea except for one opening to the right of the waterfall where it opens up enough to see the sea beyond. The merfolke frequently use this passage.

Surrounding this lake is tall green trees. The trees move. Fairies of all kinds live in Avalon and the Fae folk of the forest trade with the mermaids - fresh fruit for sea items that are pleasing to the eye.

In the actual forest, you will find numerous mythical creatures, including Satyrs and Elves. They are all kindly creatures. Dragons also dwell in Avalon.

In the forest there is a cove. It has a fairy circle made of small white flowers and mushrooms marking it. To the right of this fairy circle there is also a pile of grey/blue rocks were a hill starts on the other side, it looks much like an altar. This is a sacred space in Avalon.

It may not be much description, but this is what I see in my meditations. What do you see?
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Description of Avalon.
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