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 Money and spirituality

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Money and spirituality Empty
PostSubject: Money and spirituality   Money and spirituality Icon_minitimeTue Jul 13, 2010 10:34 am

Hi people.

You may delete this if you feel its inapropriate. I discoverd long last that one of my life purposes was to marry heaven and earth. To make spirituality practical.

Now it is said that the greatest lesson for old souls is to make friends with money and to not see it as evil. This is where I am now and I am excited about something I found that anyone can use to promote anything while making money doing so.

We can promote our forums and virally let peoiple flock to it.

Give me three minutes of your attention. This could be the greatest three minutes of your life.

I found an opportunity for marketers that can make you time and money without effort. No getting people (if you don't want to)
Investment will be $30 and your eventual return if you do absolutely buggerrall will be $19.000.00 That's about South Africa but besides that you will also have a lot more than 19000 views at the site you are promoting.

I joined last night and while I am using it to advertise something else the site owner is committed to get me and everyone under me at least 5 people. (We can get more if we want) They launched last Friday so it is brand new. Get in at the top.

Its $30.00 a once off payment and after that you get paid directly $5.00 for every person who joins under you once off. Five levels deep. If they don't stop me I will join in my downline again and advertise another opportunity while making money doing so.

Look for yourself.
Check that link out.This one little opportunity can set you free.

There is only one moment you can use to change your future and it is NOW. Use it wisely. Where will you be in a years time if you don't do this?

You don't need time or a lot of money. Join this and the money will come, buying you time.

Warm regards.

Gosh I love you people. It feels nourishing to visit here again. If I make cool money and I dont have to use my time doing so I can visit there more often
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Money and spirituality
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