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 Ghost /Hunter

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Te Rama

Te Rama

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PostSubject: Ghost /Hunter   Ghost /Hunter Icon_minitimeSun Jun 19, 2011 6:45 pm

I had some memories to share and its the people I would stop and have a conversation with many strangers on the streets you walk on.

One was a young ghost hunter a empathic learning more about telepath abilities some not able to stritch or travel. Tele port, Tele phone (spirit talk) Tele Vision? Tele scoping with 3d eye? or so on and so on.

well she was frightened because a what she calls it ghost bad entity vibe followed her home from having a nights stroll again in a local old grave yard. Having some peaceful time but she was also looking for spirits or something.

spoke to me about her concerns.

appreciated any feedback or help. so ok I said well i have some thoughts about it how i feel about this whole

you may be ready soon to learn about magic or energy forces or something interesting that twinkles in your eyes.


Liquid has no number? or symbol represents a number? this rainbow colours and their right number a colour equates to a number to a tone to a shape.

ty i love this number share xx

Te Rama
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Ghost /Hunter
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