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 What Level of Empathy do you have?

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What Level of Empathy do you have? Empty
PostSubject: What Level of Empathy do you have?   What Level of Empathy do you have? Icon_minitimeSun Dec 07, 2008 12:42 pm

This is written by SkySkark on, it is not my work and I take no credit for it.

There are a few thing you need to understand first in that there are different levels of empathy these range from mundanes who actually care how others feel right up to a full Empath who incidentally doesn't care how others feel because they normally know before the person dose.

Starting from the bottom you have.

Mundanes: Just ordinary people who are the exception in that they will help people in need protect the week or innocent and genuinely care about other peoples feelings regardless of knowing them.

SPs Or sensitive person/s: An S.P will be someone who generally knows how there friends and close family feel even if they are not showing any outward signs. But need close proximity some would say they read body language or just know a persons personality so well that they can tell but even then sometimes people hide things and a SP will know.

HSPs Or highly sensitive person/s: Now an H.S.P is very close to a Empath in that they can enter a place and tell if something bad has happened there, they can feel there friends and family even at long range and know when they are in trouble. Anticipate what people want or are going to do can tell when people are lying if they have good or bad intentions if a person is good or bad, levels of ability vary mostly through age as with all thing practice makes perfect.

Empaths: Now here it gets tricky as Empaths abilities and traits vary widely many have no idea what they are or refuse to accept it some have been how they are since birth and didn't even know they were different from others till they were older most Empaths will however feel there abilities change and become much stronger when they hit puberty this can be a time of awakening for many to but i will run with high level Empaths just to cover the hole thing.

Energy collecting: Able to absorb ambient energy from general environment including people.
Mental dampening: Blocking ambient sound from mundanes and random thoughts of others.
Extra sensory perception: Knowing what people are thinking and there intentions if someone is good or bad if they mean to harm you or others.
Physical empowerment: Stronger, fast, smarter, stronger immune system and rapid healing of physical damage (i think this is a side effect of other abilities no there not super human lol).
Precognition: Ability to see events before they happen (a word of advice don't just don't some of you will understand).
Mental assertion: The ability of suggestion and even assert control over others.
Astral projection: Leavening ones physical body and entering into how to describe it some would say dreamland some would say spirit world others would say a higher plane of existence or ascending.
Resonating: A kind of telepathy where an Empath reaches out to a person and connects to them on a mental and emotional level not something Empaths do lightly also Empaths sometimes use this to share experiences or help to balance another Empath they can also if the other wishes it num another Empaths abilities for a period of time and in some cases stop them in there tracks (this can only be done with the others consent).
Environmental awareness: Knowledge of the land, air and sea sensing storms, earthquakes and such things listening to the wind, land and sea also feeling disturbances like if something good or bad has happened in a house often being able to home in on the exact area (note this has a time limit on it as the longer it has been since whatever happened the lesser the energy trace of said disturbance).
Projection: The ability to project energy or a force outside there body being able to move, break, burn, cool and heal there other things but you get the idea (only the very highest of Empaths can even hope to be able to do this).
Remote viewing: The ability to see places people things objects at long range to which you have never seen in any way shape or form (another tricky one this as learning how to interpret thing you see can be very difficult).


Heightened sex drive: I know not an ability but i thought it was worth mentioning that many Empaths have higher sex drives than most people and are very sensual. Loving physical contact with there partners also they are loyal and not as sexually inhibited as most people are, often seeing sex and love as separate things.
Loneliness: Many Empaths feel cut off and separated from humanity some desperate to be accepted by there piers often finding no release in there family homes and having few if any real friends even to the extent of becoming hermit like.
Distant or Dreamers: Empaths can seem distracted at the best of times there minds being in many places at the same time often having many discussions at the same time.
Nature loving: Most Empaths will have at least 1 treasured pet and many will feel most at home when out in the wilder areas of the world enjoying the smells and sounds finding them to be soothing.
Selfless: Most Empaths care little for money often being generous and helping others where they can even going out of there way to do so.
Passive Aggressive: Empaths will only become aggressive in certain circumstances I.E if they feel they are in great danger if they see a child or a helpless person in danger normally Empaths are extremely gentle as causing others pain causes them pain ten fold (there is an exception to this but I doubt any of you will have ever experienced this as they are extremely rare).
Artistic, musical and writers: Often finding release in such things music being something many find great pleasure in often being picky about what they listen to but having a wide variety of tastes in music many are artistic themselves being able to copy just about anything they can see and a good few are writers.

This is taken from, it is an article written by SkyShark. I take no credit for his/her work and appreciate the amount of time it took to write this article Smile I've posted it on here so anyone else who thinks they may be an empath can look at this.

The direct link is:

SPs (sensitive people, sensory perception).
SPs are people who are very observant and use there 5 senses to collate information from the world around them and can translate it with astounding accuracy. A case in point is Sherlock Holmes who used the power of observation to solve crimes (Yes, I know he didn't exist. Just making a point). When you eliminate the possible, then only the impossible remains. So with that in mind we can continue to SPs. An SP will know from the sound of a person's voice their mannerism, body language, skin pigmentation, eye movement, environmental changes - in short using their 5 senses as in sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. They are generally above average in intelligence, think logically and are good problem solvers. They like to be around other people, and will generally work in areas where they help others, such as hospitals, social workers, psychologist and even some religious roles in some cases. It is some what debateable if they have other abilities. It is possible but SPs rely on what they have and do it well. This is one of the bigger differences between mundans, SPs, HSPs and empaths. Mundans and SPs don't find it uncomfortable to be around large groups and even seek them out. They like to help others and make people happy and work in more direct forms being very physical and vocal. They are also generally colourful people in the way they dress visual stimuli for others as well as themselves and are genuinely loving and caring people. They also have a way of fitting in anywhere, changing their personality traits to suit those of others. Again this is something only mundans and SPs do since HSPs and empaths are very private creatures and sometimes stubborn. Not to say that they won't when the occasion calls for it mundans and SPs are more flexible in this respect, being able to change at will and thinking nothing of it.

HSPs (highly sensitive people, higher sensory perception).
HSPs are were you start to see real differences. Though they share many similarities with SPs and some with empaths the difference between HSPs, Mundanes and SPs becomes evident. HSPs sense the world around them like empaths do, just not to the same extent. They take there ques from what they sense around them and then bring their other 5 senses to bare so that they can take in all the information that they can. It isn't unusual for an HSP to take a day or more to take in and process all the information they have accumulated and then make a decision or come to a conclusion. They are also strong minded and generally stick to there beliefs. It is also where religion starts to take a back seat and a somewhat more broad minded sense of existence starts and as they differ in their beliefs about life and death, feeling a greater connection with the earth itself than any god or religion. HSPs have wonderful imaginations, are very creative, curious, and are known for being very hard workers, great organizers and problem solvers. They are known for being extremely conscientious and meticulous. HSPs are blessed with being exceptionally intuitive, caring, compassionate and spiritual.(Something I refer to as fluffy bunny, lol) but you will find they tend to use the word love a lot and try to get people to open up and share there feelings. I believe this is because their abilities to sense others is limited and if the person expresses themselves openly they can senses them and help them better. As with SPs they are loving and caring people being physical in their nature and being exceptional lovers, but are much more picky about which groups they travel in. They aren't as comfortable in large groups as SPs but can handle it quite easily, but do not seek it out as actively as an SP does. Furthermore, their personalities are far more fixed. They may change gradually over time but will only do if they wish to or as part of their natural growth as a person. They are also blessed with an incredible aesthetic awareness and appreciation for nature, music and the arts, not to mention they normally excel in at least one of these fields if not more.
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What Level of Empathy do you have?
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