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 The Witch & Magick...What We Don't Do....

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The Witch & Magick...What We Don't Do.... Empty
PostSubject: The Witch & Magick...What We Don't Do....   The Witch & Magick...What We Don't Do.... Icon_minitimeSun Jan 18, 2009 2:25 pm

Witches do not put curses on people.

We do not shed blood in ritual, nor do we slaughter ANYTHING to offer to our deities, for they do not need blood to be duly worshipped.

We do not use magick for frivolous, egotistical, or selfish reasons. This cheapens the effects of this gift. Nor is this power used for profit, donations may be accepted, but are never required ~ greed only swallows those who wield into its clutches.

We do not use magick to influence another's will.

We do not perform "beauty" spells, which were ever popularised in the ficticious movie "The Craft". The God/esses would never want to change who you are in this life. Even if you are Christian, Jew, or Muslim, or whatever your belief system may be, we are all put here for a purpose, and yes, our looks go along with this. They make us who we are, and define our purposes. We are here to learn and make the best of our lives, a spell isn't going to change the world for any one of us.

We also do NOT mix drug into our daily lives or during ritual. Sometimes, however,wine is used as a ritual offering, but by no means is it used to get "plastered", only a small amount is used and a offering to the goddess is left over. Given in a libation bowl, or poured directly into the Earth. Herbs may also be burned as offerings.

Magick is a gift from the Elders, to be used properly to grow and to heal. If you want machines of war and harm, DO NOT look here. If you want the world to worship at your feet, look somewhere else.

Magick is a blend of Nature, energies, and love and light. It is NOT a tool of destruction. Use the Power wisely, for greed and corruption quickly control the holder of this power if used incorrectly. That is NOT the purpose of Magick.

Written by a dear friend of mine from Spiritual Forums - Calantiriel. And for that I am forever greatful.
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The Witch & Magick...What We Don't Do.... Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Witch & Magick...What We Don't Do....   The Witch & Magick...What We Don't Do.... Icon_minitimeSun Jun 19, 2011 6:04 pm

see this is clear truth i mean god source energies. its clear its love but pff take care of you xx ie: lets start to a think now. nods nice bless.
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The Witch & Magick...What We Don't Do....
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