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 What it is to be a Witch.

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What it is to be a Witch. Empty
PostSubject: What it is to be a Witch.   What it is to be a Witch. Icon_minitimeSun Feb 08, 2009 7:55 am

What it is to be a Witch.

To be a witch is to... love and be loved,
Know everything, and yet nothing at all,
Move amongst the stars while staying on earth,
Changing the world around you, and yourself,
Share and give, while receiving all the while,
Dance and sing, and hold hands with the universe,
Honour the Gods, and yourself,
Be magick, nor just perform it,
Be honourable, or nothing at all,
Accept others who are not,
Know what you feel if right and good,
Harm none,
Know the ways of Old,
Se beyond the barriers,
Follow the moon,
Be one with the Gods,
Study and to learn,
Be the teacher and the student,
Acknowledge the truth,
Live with the earth, not just on it,
Be truly free!
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What it is to be a Witch.
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