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 The Laws of a Witch.

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The Laws of a Witch. Empty
PostSubject: The Laws of a Witch.   The Laws of a Witch. Icon_minitimeWed Feb 11, 2009 2:11 pm

This is another post on, posted by my dear friend Calantiriel Smile A very wise witch.

The Laws of a Witch.

For a Witch's Personal Standards and Spirituality.

1. An ye harm none do what ye will.

2. If you know the Rede is being broken you must work strongly against it.

3. Never boast, or threaten, or speak evil of anyone.

4. Watch, listen, and withhold judgment; in debate let your silences be long, your thoughts be clear and your words carefully chosen.

5. Be truthful always, save when speaking would lead to a great harm.

6. Keep your body clean, your clothes and your house.

7. Should you take a task upon yourself work hard and well to accomplish it properly and in good time. Always do the best you can.

8. Do not haggle over the price of your ritual tools.

9. Witches know that there are no absolute truths.

10. Witches understand that the universe consists of perfect balance; therefore everything has an opposite.

11. Witches realise that for every action there is a reaction (the Law of Three)

12. Witches know that we are all one; we are all connected.

13. Never lie to yourself for this is the ultimate act of deceit.

14. Witches understand that the ultimate act of spirituality is the act of positive creation through love.

15. Witches realise that the energy created through worship and rituals manifests as a circular stream of positive energy.

16. Witches should never close their minds to knowledge.

17. Never practice a magical system that you don't fully understand.

18. Do not set a price on your magical work.

19. A witch uses the magical circle as a physical and nonphysical representation of a temple on the earth plane.

20. Witches use the energies around them to assist in raising power.

21. Witches use common sense and do not share their mysteries with those who assume it is a game of sorts.

22. A witch who knowingly breaks the Law (Ordains) will not be
permitted to incarnate on Earth again.

Concerning the relationship of the Witch with others.

1. Revere, honour, tend, and heal the Earth.

2. Of that which you grow, make or use, let as much as possible return to the Earth as an offering to her, as a way to nourish the cycle of life.

3. Do not judge those of the other paths, but offer them love and aid.

4. Do not steal from human, animal, or spirit; if you have needs you can't meet, turn to your community.

5. Offer friendship and hospitality to strangers who visit among you.

6. You shall never handfast or wed someone you don't love.

7. Honour the relationships and commitments of others, and don't couple together if it will cause harm to another.

8. Raise your children with kindness, feed, clothe, and house them as well as you can. Show them love and affection, teach them strength and wisdom.

9. Deal fairly and honestly in all your transactions with others, following the letter and spirit of any contract you agree.

Concerning the relationship within The Craft.

1. Witches do not point out the identity of other witches to the general public or give addresses, or anything that can betray any of us.

2. Do nothing that will endanger anyone in the Craft, or will bring them into conflict with the law of the land or any of your persecutors.

3. Do not gossip or speak evil of other witches.

4. Never lie to any of the Wicca

5. Never use your magical skills for show, pride of vainglory.

6. Keep within your Book of Shadows a record of your own rites and learnings

7. Do not lend your Book of Shadows to anyone. You may allow someone to copy it though.

8. Property owned by Crafters should be guarded both mundanely and spiritually by the Witch.

9. Never use your personal power for evil purposes or attacks. If someone attacks you, you can defend yourself by asking the Goddess for justice.

10. Magical bindings can cost you dearly. Learn to banish negativity instead.

11. A Witch's power grows in direct relation with his or her level of wisdom.

12. As long as you are acting in accordance with a positive belief system, don't worry what others think of you and say about it.

13. Injuries, accidents, sickness and poverty are often manifestations of low self-esteem or negative programming, not hexes

14. Magic use should be viewed as sacred.

15. Witches may teach others about the Craft if the place is safe, the teacher is knowledgeable, the student is willing and the information is available publicly or is not secret to the organisation to which he or she belongs.

16. Never do anything to disgrace to Goddess and the Craft.
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The Laws of a Witch.
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